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Confidentiality Guarantee

At, we are dedicated to protecting identifiable information and providing total confidentiality for our customers. We built our reputation for our exemplary security practices, and we bring this same award-winning approach to each of our data recovery software tools.

Regardless of which application you use, your data will always remain secure at all times. Our security controls include:

Secure Servers

Protected Servers servers are protected with filesystem-level encryption. Personally identifiable information from our clients is treated with PCI-DSS compliant procedures.

Regular Security System Updates

Regular Security System Updates

Because we update our systems to adapt to new threats, you always get the same level of assurance when purchasing our products or using our services.

Reliable Access Protocols

Strong Access Protocols

We protect payment information and other sensitive data by carefully controlling access through closed networks, password protection and staff background checks. If you ask our team to delete your data, we will do so using Department of Defense standards.

Data Encryption

Superior Encryption

All payment information is processed using high-end encryption, ensuring that third parties cannot access your information at any point. As encryption experts, we regularly update our algorithms to ensure consistent protection.

Regular Audits and Attestations

Third-Party Attestations and Audits

Unlike many other other data recovery software developers, engages in regular audits from reliable third parties. Visit our certifications page to read audit and attestation reports.

Smart Data Return Policies

Smart Data Return Policies

Our software does not contain back doors or other access points for third parties. You retain exclusive access to your data through all stages of the process.

Security is always an important factor for computer users, protects your privacy with a strong, up-to-date set of controls. If you have a specific request or if you would like more information regarding our security systems, contact our customer service team.

Choosing Data Recovery Software from a Certified Leader

Because our data recovery software works locally, we never have access to your private data. We do not build in any hidden features that would provide our staff or any third parties with access to your information, and our payment process is completely secure. We also use a standardized response system to provide efficient support, and our business has earned accolades for excellent customer service practices.

Confidential Data Recovery uses strict practices to protect clients and to fully comply with IT privacy laws.

Most importantly, we use third-party credentials to demonstrate the effectiveness of our networks and payment systems, and all of our credentials are easily accessible through this website. You can instantly verify certifications, review security audits and take other essential steps to choose a more secure software provider.

Some of our credentials include:

  • SSAE 16 Type II SOC-1 Security Certification
  • PCI-DSS Compliance and TRUSTe Verification
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accreditation and A+ Rating
  • Safe Harbor Certification and GSA Approval
  • Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) AAA Rating

Visit our certifications page for a detailed description of any of these credentials.

By using the latest security practices and regularly updating our systems, is able to adapt to new potential threats while offering a completely safe and secure resource for computer users of all experience levels. Our data recovery software keeps your information confidential, and every aspect of our payment process is carefully controlled to meet the strict standards utilized in our technology development laboratories.

If you need a private, secure and effective data loss solution, download software today to get started. For more information regarding our security practices or credentials, contact our customer service team for a fast response.


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