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File loss can occur at any time. Even with proper preventative practices, most computer users will eventually lose data due to unexpected circumstances, and when a backup is not available, professional data recovery software is an efficient alternative.

Data Security

SecureSoftware.com provides file recovery software with powerful features and excellent ease of use.

Unfortunately, many file repair programs use basic methods that will not result in a complete recovery - in some cases, these utilities can even cause additional data loss by overwriting segments of the target files.

SecureSoftware.com software is optimized to provide an efficient, risk-free file retrieval process for all types of digital storage devices. We draw on years of experience in the data recovery industry to create tools that are both powerful and easy to use.

Some of the features of our software include:

  • Support for All File Types
  • Recovery Options for Corruption, File Deletion and More
  • Safe Install Procedures to Prevent Accidental Overwrites
  • Superior Security Features
  • Dedicated Support from a Certified Business

Because our teams have performed recovery services on thousands of devices, they understand the factors that influence data loss. Our software provides the best feature set available at an affordable price, offering an excellent (and secure) resource for computer users of all experience levels.

To start recovering important files from a hard drive, flash drive or any other device, download SecureSoftware.com software today.

Powerful Data Recovery Software with Next-Generation Features

While damaged, corrupt or deleted files may not be accessible through your computer's operating system, the data associated with those files is usually stored somewhere on the associated hard drive, solid-state drive or other storage device. In order to restore the files to a working state, our tools identify the issues that prevent access, then rebuild the data on another storage device (such as a secondary hard drive).

SecureSoftware.com's development team drew from years of experience in the data recovery industry to create robust software capable of addressing all types of logical failure. While many programs can only locate missing file table entries, our tools can address file corruption and many other common causes of data loss, effectively performing professional-level repairs in a matter of minutes.

Additionally, our software features an intuitive graphical interface. Users proceed through a simple menu, choosing the target files from a list and selecting a new storage location for the recovered data. In most cases, recovered files are fully accessible within minutes, and users retain total control of their data at all times for a completely private and secure process.

Superior Security Practices and Reliable Customer Service

You should always work with fully credentialed software developers, and at SecureSoftware.com, we show our commitment to our clients by using industry-leading practices for product development and customer support. We hold numerous security certifications, obtained through regular audits, and our payment system utilizes SSAE 16 Type II SOC-1 certified procedures to protect your information.

Secure Data Recovery Cleanroom

Our software uses advanced methods to provide a complete copy of your files following any data loss disaster.

If you need assistance, our service team provides knowledgeable, friendly support, and we respond to all concerns in a prompt manner. As an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, we are dedicated to providing a simple and hassle-free experience for every customer.

More reasons to choose SecureSoftware.com software:

  • Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) Certified with AAA Rating
  • Full Access to Security Credentials Online
  • Robust Features with Enhanced Ease of Use
  • Options for Undelete, File Corruption, Operating System Damage and More
  • Cutting-Edge Software Developed Through Decades of Experience

To quickly recover from data loss, you need tools that are powerful, capable and easy to use. You also need to protect the privacy of your data while pursuing recovery, and SecureSoftware.com provides the utilities you need for completely secure results. Download our software today to retrieve access to important files on virtually any type of system. For more information regarding program features and capabilities, please contact our customer support team.


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