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Certified Data Recovery Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom

Secure Data Recovery Services performs all media repair procedures in a carefully controlled Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom environment. By preventing airborne contaminants from coming into contact with your device, our Cleanroom provides essential protection and allows for high success rates for hard drives, solid-state drives and more.

Data Recovery Clean Room

Our Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom is regularly tested to meet strict attestation standards.

In the data recovery industry, Cleanroom technology is essential. Many modern digital devices use sensitive components that can sustain serious damage upon being exposed to untreated air. For instance, a piece of dust or a metal shaving could seriously complicate the repair process by damaging the read/write heads of a hard drive. All data recovery engineers need to work in an appropriately controlled Cleanroom in order to safely perform important repair procedures.

How Cleanroom Standards Affect the Data Recovery Process

Cleanrooms consist of a limited access environment with established controls for air pressure, temperature and humidity. High-end filters remove contaminants, and engineers wear special anti-static gear to avoid bringing new contaminants into the room. Third-party auditors regularly test the Cleanroom to determine its classification.

Please view our most recent Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom certification documents below:

Data recovery companies use two main classification systems to evaluate their Cleanroom technology. Both standards measure the number of particles sized at 0.5 µm or larger in a cubic foot of air. US FED STD 209E standards show the number of particles in a unit of 10 (Class 10, Class 100, etc.) while ISO 14644-1 standards use an ISO number to indicate the same controls.

The different Cleanroom classification standards for data recovery institutions include:

  • Class 1000 / ISO 6 - These Cleanrooms allow 1,000 particles per cubic foot and are generally considered unsuitable for hard drive data recovery.
  • Class 100 / ISO 5 - These rooms allow a maximum of 100 particles per cubic foot. Most data recovery providers use Class 100 standards.
  • Class 10 / ISO 4 - These rooms allow only 10 particles per cubic foot. Secure Data Recovery Services was the first provider to establish an independently tested Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom intended primarily for hard drive repairs.

We strongly believe that Class 10 specifications are essential for data recovery Cleanrooms due to demanding operating requirements of modern hard drives. By using these standards in our laboratory, we can safely treat every case regardless of failure scenario.


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