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OneNote Repair

Download Free Trial From:  $79.00


Data recovery software for OneNote

When corruption threatens OneNote files, entire projects are at risk. Repair your files and get back to work quickly with SecureRecovery for OneNote, a dependable restoration utility for all of the data-sharing objects available in Microsoft’s flagship collaboration software. SecureRecovery for OneNote offers users an easy way to repair damaged files, restoring data without requiring advanced computer skills.


With its extensive set of data-recovery options, SecureRecovery for OneNote counters the effects of corruption. Features include:

  • Reliable Support for OneNote 2007, 2003, 2003 (Beta) and 2003 TechUpdate
  • Optimized Support for Office 2003
  • Recovery of Notes, Including Folder Assignments
  • Restoration for Images and Drawings
  • Repair for Audio Notes
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Full Support for Install/Uninstall Processes

Preview the Range of Repair With a Free Demo

In order to evaluate the damage, and to see what SecureRecovery for OneNote can do for your files, a free demo of the software is available for download. Install the demo to restore a few sample notes, with the full range of recoverable items displayed as demo text. It is a reliable way to measure the range of corruption and preview the restorative power of SecureRecovery for OneNote.


SecureRecovery for OneNote offers reliable repair for all OneNote items, but when corruption strikes, some data loss is inevitable. This software operates with the following minor limitations:

  • Does Not Recovery Handwriting
  • Does Not Restore Video Files
  • Only Restores Images in .jpeg, .png and .gif Formats
  • Does Not Recover Original Fonts

System Requirements

SecureRecovery for OneNote offers effective data repair for computers with the following specifications:

  • Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2008 Server and 2003 Server.
  • Does Not Support Windows 98, 95 or ME
  • RAM: 256 - 1024 MB (Varies Due to File Size and Extent of Corruption)
  • Hard Disk: 10 MB Minimum Free Space Required
  • Display: Resolution of 640 x 480 or Higher and 256 Colors

Advanced, Dependable Data Recovery for OneNote Files

Teams that use OneNote to collaborate rely on the stability of their data, but unfortunately, OneNote files are as vulnerable to damage as any. SecureRecovery for OneNote offers users an easy way to repair damaged files with their own staff, and on their own computers. If you have OneNote files in need of quick repair, order your copy of SecureRecovery for OneNote today.

My OneNote files are unreadable or corrupt. Will SecureRecovery for OneNote restore them?

SecureRecovery for OneNote is a powerful tool for restoring damaged or corrupted files.

If your files will not open or if they show other signs of damage, download the demo version of SecureRecovery for OneNote. The demo will show you if the lost information is retrievable, at which point you can decide whether or not to purchase a license.

Will the recovered files be identical to my original OneNote files?

In most cases, the recovered files contain the same information, although some corruption may be permanent. This can cause certain features to become inaccessible. While the demo version of SecureRecovery for OneNote has limited functionality, it allows you to see whether your data will be able to be restored, so we recommend using the demo to analyze your damaged files.

Recovered OneNote files may appear noticeably smaller than the original files due to the way that recovery tool processes damaged file areas. This is completely normal and does not always result in usability issues. Also, the demo version will create smaller OneNote files, because some notes will be replaced with placeholders (see the next answer for more information).

I am interested in trying the demo version. How is the demo different from the licensed SecureRecovery for OneNote?

The demo version will only recover a small number of your notes, and all additional notes will be replaced by our demo text. This allows you to see whether notes are recoverable before you purchase a license.

The full version does not have limitations on the number of notes that it can recover. However, please note that if placeholder text is absent in the demo output of SecureRecovery for OneNote, this can indicate permanent data loss, and the affected notes may not be recoverable.

Can I create batch files to recover many different OneNote files?

You can access our file recovery tools through the command line if you have an appropriate license (the Standard version does not support this feature, but both the Service and Enterprise versions have command line access). This is the recommended command line call without brackets:

onr.exe “”

You can use the characters ‘?’ and ‘*’ as a replacement for individual characters or groups of characters, respectively. For instance, *.doc would target any document file, while june??.doc would target files with the “june” prefix followed by two additional characters.

How are the SecureRecovery for OneNote license options different, and how do I choose the right license?

Read our Licensing page to review information about available options before purchasing any of our software products.


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